Our Philosophy

We are a Food Consultancy with a focus on all things delicious!

Are you looking for a caterer for a party? We specialise in custom menus for any events, be it a baby shower, birthday party, corporate event, office party, casual tapas night-out, etc.

We have an in-house Food Stylist, Food Photographer & Videographer. Our focus is Restaurants, Bakeries, Bars and CPG.

We also offer cooking classes. Whisk, knead and frost your way through a comprehensive collection of cooking and baking classes.  Immerse yourself in basic & advanced workshops ranging from ‘Cupcakes 101’ to ‘Wine & Cheese Pairing’ to ‘Savory treats for beginners’.

Our chefs have experience at a lot of great restaurants & bakeries across Europe & USA. Our chefs also conduct baking workshops in Jersey City ( a ten minute PATH ride away from Manhattan).

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. Our company is the brainchild of Chef Garima, an investment-banker turned baker-chef. Yes, that happens!

She auditioned for a reality t.v show called Master Chef and landing the exclusive Top 15 spot at the show was a moving block in her life. She decided to quit her plush banking job, took all her savings and moved to Paris to study classical pastry & baking techniques. She worked various kitchen jobs in Europe and then moved to the USA- New York City/Jersey City.

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